Truffles & Pralines

Coconut Cream

Dark shell with a white chocolate and coconut filling. [approx. 12g]

Coffee Cream

Dark Chocolate filled with a smooth milk chocolate coffee cream. [approx. 10g]

Sour Cherry Cream

Dark chocolate filled with a sour cherry cream. [approx. 16g]


Dark Chocolate filled with a smooth homemade caramel cream. [approx. 18g]

Lemon Mint

White Chocolate ganache flavoured real mint and lemon dipped in dark chocolate. [approx. 8g]


Soft milk chocolate and champagne truffle dipped in milk chocolate and coated in cocoa powder and icing sugar. [approx. 10g]

Orange Hazelnut

Dark chocolate truffle flavoured with orange and coated in hazelnuts. [approx. 6g]

Chai Pistachio

A white chocolate truffle flavoured with chai spice and coated in pistachios. [approx. 8g]

Cinnamon Vanilla

A white chocolate truffle with vanilla and cinnamon coated in dark chocolate and cinnamon sugar. [approx. 10g]


Dark chocolate ganache with a salty taste. [approx. 18g]

Thyme and Honey

White chocolate honey based truffle infused with thyme and dipped in dark chocolate. [approx. 8g]


Rich dark truffle coated in cocoa powder. [approx. 6g]


French dark chocolate infused with wasabi and dipped in French milk chocolate and coated in toasted sesame seeds. [approx. 4g]

Dark French

Rich dark French truffle coated in French cocoa powder. [approx. 4g]

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